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SAM Coupé is an advanced 8bit computer based on and compatible with the popular Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. The Coupé has many hardware and system expansions typical for 16bit home computers:

The SAM Coupé came too late to hit markets - in the times of Atari ST and Commodore Amiga it was mostly compared to these 16bit machines. However it is a pure 8bit computer only and still seems to be the most complex system compatible with the Speccy.

Nowadays any SuperSpectrum is easily implemented in various VHDL cores for modern FPGA boards, incl.:

SAM The Revelation by Picasso SAM Coupé without disk drives

Diskless SAM Coupé with four CF-card slots

Troubles with archaic floppy disks? No more problems with external Trinity Interface. Or Atom Lite+ Interface built inside the Coupé in the place of old disk drives. The DOS available for these devices provides the highest level of compatibility with the old disk-based system (SAMDOS).

Please support the SD(SPI) and CF(IDE) interfaces on the SAM Coupé and oncoming FPGA cores. Thanks!

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