DivSD (former DivMMC) interface

DivSD originates in the DivIDE, what was the first popular mass storage interface supporting the PC IDE devices for the ZX Spectrum. The DivIDE and all DivMMCs were small and smart, DivIDEs work with CF-IDE and SD-IDE adapters without additional power plugs needed. Main characteristics of all DivXXX devices are:

Modern DivSD means 512KB memory, 2 SD slots, Real Time Clock (RTC) and joystick or kempston mouse support.

When purchasing a new DivSD, please check:

esxDOS software archive

Old disk IF vs. DivSD

floppies SD cards
Boot Menu File Browser
Magic button NMI Menu
archaic DOS esxDOS
proprietary fileformats standard PC FAT
proprietary syscalls POSIX based API services
specific cmds BASIC integration
limited cmds DOT commands
short filenames LFN

DivSD in the LMN128's hardware

MB03+ Ultimate interface and eLeMeNt ZX computer have built-in DivSD with two SD card slots. Both SD slots are interchangeable, by a program command (simple OUT to a port) or through the SetUp menu.

Both devices are supported with the best TAP files < > PC FAT formatted cards < > magnetic tapes copy-program, the LnxCopy (watch author's video or read the user's manual).

In order to run some unique east-european software easily and without any conversion, hardware ports of the Z-Controller are supported simultaneously with DivSD's slots and can be assigned to any of these slots. The most notable software with ZC support are the Wild Player by Budder and, by the same author, the Wild Copier.

Both devices use one of the DivSD slots and esxDOS system stored in additional backup ROMs for the Rescue Mode. If a non-standard issue occures, the system can be restarted or booted easily and safely.

MB03+ has an additional CF card slot with IDE ports, that can combine old DivIDE, limited by memory sources, with a newer DivMMC 512 KB RAM system.