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Ancient, but still addictive games

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New games

The Lost Disks of SAM web
Epic Fail web
Dave Invaders web
XOR web
Garden Centre of the Universe web
Dave Infuriators web
MobyDX web
2048 web
Galaxians web

Old Downloads

Blast Turbo mgt
Castle mgt
Gold Mine mgt, info: txt
Boggle Bubble mgt
SAM Mines mgt
DERF mgt
Shanghai mgt
Swallower mgt
Gridlock mgt
Soul Magician mgt

Teris by Lord Insanity mgt
Gameboy Tetris mgt, info: txt
Wubtris mgt
Kolumns mgt
Coloris mgt

Unfinished games

Atom Man
Atom Man Demo
Cybernaut Demo
Space Fighter
Space Fighter Demo
Invaders Demo
Space Gate
Space Gate Demo