Human Interface Devices and the advanced ZX Spectrum.

Taken things more seriously, 40 keys should not be enough...

Sam Coupe provides PC-XT like keyboard with 72 keys, on ports 254 and 249, Orel BK-08 has 67 keys on extended port 254.

Currently there are several convertors-interfaces available when you want to connect PS/2 and USB keyboards to the ZX Spectrum. The MB03+ Ultimate interface and the eLeMeNt ZX computer overtook the ZX-Uno ports KEYSTAT adn KEYCODE to read every key on a PC keyboard attached.

K-Mouse Turbo

This is an improved version of the old Kempston mouse.
This interface features

Internal version for the CPU slot is also avaiable.

For the manual and software support look at the website of Velesoft.

Cursor Arrow Pointer Shapes