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SAM Mouse Turbo

This interface (made by Velesoft) works with any modern USB or PS/2 mouse. The SAM Mouse Turbo is fully compatible with the original SAMCo Mouse, both in standard and extended modes.


SAM Mouse Turbo 2014 technical details

Any mouse with the PS/2 protocol, 5 buttons and a wheel is supported. Firmware of the interface is based on the standard SAMCo Mouse communication. 10 values should be read from the port #FFFE.

The original SAMCo Mouse uses big counters for X and Y axis with a 12bit value (2048 steps). Now are counters reduced to 8bit as in the Kempston Mouse for the ZX Spectrum. High 4 bits are unused and only hw-emulated for a backward compatibility.

Legend of Eshan

Communication protocol

01 keyboard state
02 keyboard state
03 mouse buttons (5 bits)
04 X-axis counter (high 4 bits)
05 X-axis counter (middle 4 bits)
06 X-axis counter (low 4 bits)
07 Y-axis counter (high 4 bits)
08 Y-axis counter (middle 4 bits)
09 Y-axis counter (low 4 bits)
10 mouse wheel counter (5 bit value)

Mouse wheel data

D0 = log.1 - wheel move - UP or DOWN
D1 = log.0 if detected wheel UP
D2 = log.0 if detected wheel UP
D3 = log.0 if detected wheel DOWN
D4 = log.0 if detected wheel DOWN

Cheapo Mouse

The C64 mouse is, with some limitations, interfaced as the SAMCo Mouse.

Serial PC Mouse

Some games were also patched for an old PC mouse connected through the Coupé´s RS-232 interface. Otherwise you can connect this mouse via the serial mouse IF.

Mouse The Natural

Mouse Drivers


C64 Mouse

Cheapo Mouse Mk2