MZ Extended Basic

is a modern, IBM PC (GW-BASIC) compatible alternative to Sinclair Basic. Converted by Sinsoft, in 1987, for the Spectrum 80k.

MZ BASIC for the ZX Spectrum was published on one tape cassette with other programs, several custom ROMs and all documentation (in Czech language) relating to the Spectrum 80k. Three versions were made, only the second is preserved. The third version supports disk access (DOS with subdirectories).

The Spectrum 80k is a memory expansion popular in Czechoslovakia in late 1980s. It was used as a cheap allram mode (RAM at the place of ROM) expansion and started the line of homemade memory expansions up to 528KB. This Spectrum 80k is not compatible with the East London Robotics SP80 expansion.

SP80cz1 SP80cz2


MZ-700 BASIC tap

Spectrum 80k collection tap

80k LEC ROM bin /info txt


PC/Win emulation

Try out the Spectrum 80k mode with the LnxSpectrum emulator.