Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A and more

The Amstrad's Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3, +2A and +2B computers are the last in the direct evolution line of Sinclair models. Their modern design, based on a new ASIC ULA chip, with a reduced number of chips and new memory paging expansions, provides a better stability of the electric circuits and brings advanced possibilities for "keeping Speccy alive".

The design has even turned to a pretty clever future compatibility - main Russian Speccy clones have system issues (timing and ula-cpu-memory slown-down) common with the +3 family's design, so russian demos and games prepared for non-standard east-european clones run perfectly on the +3.

The price for this progress/evolution is small, some little issues of incompatibility with the previous models (the well-known IM2 vector issue is solved here).

With some cleverness these add-ons can be build inside the case:

The question is how to put all add-ons inside the case together. At least four of them :-) I have made some effort and will report about it later.

And - don't forget: every colour of the Sinclair computer case is nice if it is the black colour :-)

VCRP Windows

New software for ZXS +4 ? be converted :-( Neos Artwork Doors2000 x-dos