This program made by the Czech coder and musician F. Fuka was the first music editor and sound tracker for the Sam Coupé´s Philips SAA 1099 music chip. The predecessor is a ZX Spectrum AY-chip-music routine named Amadeus.

How to run this music editor?

1. boot the disk: press F9 (or num9 in the emulator) and
2. list the directory: type DIR 1
3. load some of the 5 songs: LOAD 2 (or LOAD 3 etc.), next the editor: LOAD 7
4. Spectrum basic wakes up, then press R and RETURN (RUN)


Songs consist of segments. Change the segment with SHIFT+ESC or SHIFT+TAB. Play the segment by pressing the key RETURN. CNTRL plays the whole song.

EDIT (right ALT in emulator) switches to noise, volume, frequency etc. settings and back again.



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