SAM Coupe Main Websites

ZX Art / SAA1099 Music / Best Tunes / GFX Gallery
SAM Coupé music and graphics collection
FPGA-MIST / forum / list of other cores
SAM Coupé FPGA/VHDL emulation core for the MIST Board
new hw and sw, turbocard, ethernet and SD card interface, SAM in a can, soundcard, sampler, SID interface, PC keyboard and mouse IF, SAM Revival Magazine
new hardware, turbocard, Datagear (DMA interface), multiinterface with AY-sound and Speccy 128k/512k support, mouse IF
SimCoupe Emulator / other emulation tools
available for many platforms (incl. Raspberry Pi)
Page of Simon Owen / DevBlog / GitHub
SamDisk, TurboMon, SidPlay, SAM HAM Viewer, emulators: Apple 1, Galaksija, Orao, VIC-20, Pacman, Space Invaders
Void Disk World of SAM
everything you want to know...
Pro-DOS Resource Pages
CP/M (Pro-DOS) for Atom Lite+, documentation, software
FTP site
any document or file for Coupé and SimCoupe
MGT compatible DOSes´
filesystem description
Blinky's Page
Comet assembler, DSK & SCR Manager, hardware upgrades
Yarek's HW upgrades
hardware expansions, CPM22QED and ZXVGS systems
Profi Club Koeln
Tips and Tricks sampler, manuals, emulators: ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, Jupiter Ace
demobase, games reviews, pyz80 assembler, software and various downloads
Master Basic, SamForth disassembling and ForthCoupe
Simon Goodwin's Pages
many info/prog/tech articles, history and glory of Sinclair (compatible) machines

SAM-users Mail
- how to subscribe

Cooking Circle
- coding skills
- demo tricks
Black Jet
- new games
Stoned Design /dev
- JAM Assembler
- coding
Ressourcen (DE) Archive
Demos at
LCD (Retro-X)
SAM Coupé Scrapbook
SAM Coupé Center
S. Skardon's Pages
Lars Page
Bo Jangeborg interview
Sad Snail Production
ZXVGS for SAM Coupé
SAM in the Wikipedia
SAM Coupé Webring


Archive of diskmags
SAM Revival - sampler
Your Sinclair articles
Supplement Mag on-line
Fred (index)
Format Magazine
Sinclair-SAM Computing
SAM Community
Based on an Idea