SAM Coupe Websites

Void Disk Samsters Videos
Great Youtube Channel with Playlists
ZX Art / SAA1099 Music / Best Tunes / GFX Gallery
SAM Coupé music and graphics collection
MiSTer / FPGA-MIST / forum / list of other cores
SAM Coupé FPGA/VHDL emulation core for the MIST Board
World of SAM / Forum
everything you want to know about...
hw and sw, turbocard, ethernet and SD card interface, SAM in a can, soundcard, sampler, SID interface, PC keyboard and mouse IF, SAM Revival Magazine
SimCoupe Emulator / other emulation tools
available for many platforms (incl. Raspberry Pi)
Page of Simon Owen / DevBlog / GitHub
SamDisk, TurboMon, SidPlay, SAM HAM Viewer, emulators: Apple 1, Galaksija, Orao, VIC-20, Pacman, Space Invaders
hardware, turbocard, Datagear (DMA interface), multiinterface with AY-sound and Speccy 128k/512k support, mouse IF
Pro-DOS Resource Pages
CP/M (Pro-DOS) for Atom Lite+, documentation, software
Blinky's Page
Comet assembler, DSK & SCR Manager, hardware upgrades
Yarek's HW upgrades
hardware expansions, CPM22QED and ZXVGS systems
Profi Club Koeln / Forum
Tips and Tricks sampler, manuals, emulators: ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, Jupiter Ace
demobase, games reviews, pyz80 assembler, software and various downloads
Simon Goodwin's Pages
many info/prog/tech articles, history and glory of Sinclair (compatible) machines
BANZAI, Fred magazine, Defender
Black Jet Games
new games
SAM Coupé Center
Simon Cooke - coding genius

SAM-users Mail - how to subscribe
SAM Coupe Facebook Group

Coding Info

Cooking Circle
Stoned Design /dev
PJG - Assembly
PJG - Graphics
MGT filesystems


FTP site
Ressourcen (DE) Archive


Demos at
LCD (Retro-X)
Bo Jangeborg interview


SAM Coupé Scrapbook
SAM in the Wikipedia
SAM Coupé Webring


Archive of diskmags
SAM Revival - sampler
Format Magazine
Your Sinclair articles
Supplement Mag on-line
Fred (index)
Sinclair-SAM Computing
SAM Community
Based on an Idea