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The SAM BASIC is a modern, fully structured programming language compatible with the ZX BASIC and BETA BASIC. The system of the SAM BASIC can manage the whole basic 512KB RAM (every 16KB memory page) and fill it with programs, procedures, functions, variables, arrays, screens, system extensions, DOS and ramdisks (bigger ramdisks can be open in the extra 4MB RAM). Every part of the memory (per 1KB) could be protected from being overwritten. Programs can read allocation table and respect marked memory layout. 600 bytes of system variables serve for a wide range of commands and peripherals (soundchip, graphics modes and colour palette, disk and tape I/O, mouse, joystick, printer, light-pen, net, key- and char-sets). The SAM BASIC has also a full range of mathematical functions and provides hex and binary conversions.

The MasterBASIC (MB) expansion brings speed improvements, more comfortable program editing and tracing, an interrupt-driven video, sound capabilities and much more.

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Some complex programs were written in the SAM BASIC, e.g. the SAM Adventure System (SAS) or the 3D Graphics Engine.

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