The description of all MGT filesystems is at the website of Wikia. SAMDOS springs from GDOS/G+DOS. Better choice of the minimalistisc DOS for the SAM Coupé is QDOS.

MasterDOS, improved SAMDOS, brings comfort, speed, ramdisks, variable directory length (up to 778 files on the disk, FORMAT "d1",39) and subdirectories.

BDOS provides an access to the SAM/Disciple/PlusD disk images stored on harddisks, CF and SD cards and data CDs. Directly from BASIC are supported audio CDs and CD/DVD directories, but not writing into the PC/Windows FAT structure. By the use of BASIC commands could be driven: idle mode, auto power down counter, stand-by mode, sleep mode, CD/DVD drive: control drive tray, medium removal, playing audio tracks - pause, resume, stop.

The most versions of DOS could read GDOS/G+DOS (BetaDOS and UNIDOS?) formats and partly work with the ZX files (copy, rename, load code and screen$). The full support to the Disciple/PlusD disks on the SAM is built in Speccy emulators with modified roms.

For the Speccy is the +divide system available (GDOS/G+DOS modified for the divIDE).

Floppy Is Approaching


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Master DOS

v1.3 bin v2.1 bin v2.3 mgt
v4.1(2.1) bin v4.2(2.2) mgt
/specs /man odt (PL)
sources zip
parts: a1 b1 c1.1 c1.2 d1 e1 f1.1 f1.2 g1 hooks move ramd ser2 subd time
dissasembly txt


10kB mgt 8kB mgt

QDOS alias CleanDOS

v1.0 bin v1.2 mgt /info /sources

SAM Disk Tools

New Commands mgt /info (CZ)
D.I.C.E. v1.0 mgt v1.1 mgt
Humphrey v1.4 mgt
Disc Message Creator mgt
Master DOS File Manager v1.0 mgt
Disk Name Changer mgt
Directory Sorter mgt
Sector Editor mgt
Unerase mgt
Shredder v1.2 mgt pak /info
Smart Format mgt
Kill Disk v1.0 mgt /info

MGT DOS System Tape

Disciple tap
+D MGT tzx
+D Datel tzx

+D info pdf
+D manual odt pdf txt+png
Diciple/+D Tech.Guide txt
+D ROM dissasembly txt
+D sys vars&tables txt
MGT roms archive zip

Beta DOS

master disk mgt fix mgt
manual pdf


img manual pdf

ZX Tools

+D Hacker mgt tap tzx
manual pdf

+D Util (ES) /info
tap /info odt

WD 1772 tech info

WD 177x info (txt) /1 /2 /3
WD 177x data sheet zip

In the near future, ResiDOS or ESXDOS, with a FAT support for the divIDE (see links) should beat everything.