Comet Assembler Screen

Coding in Assembler

The best development packages for m/c projects on the Coupé are

The Comet can load sources made in the SC_Assembler or in the Lerm Assembler, can handle sourcefiles over 400KB, has a quick editor and a superfast compiler and it´s sourcefile can also be assembled on any modern PC by a python script or by a development tool (complete IDE) written in Java.

The Zeus Assembler for the SAM Coupé is compatible with Comet, but more advanced, it is a whole development IDE with a better editor and a built-in debugger and can be also driven by a mouse.

Turbo Monitor Screen SC_Monitor Screen GI-Monitor Screen

Z80 Assembler Tutorials

Introduction to Z80 Assembler txt
Z80 Assembler Handbook (ZINT) txt
Code Optimization txt
Z80 Optimization Tricks zip
The Undocumented Z80 Documented pdf

Z80 Assembler Books

ASM source code examples

Z80 routines collection web
Multiplication on a Z80 odt
16bit fixed-point math routines txt
Floating-point math v1.2 (gameboy)
asm /info


TRS-80 Asm Programming pt1 pdf pt2 pdf
TI-83 ASM Guru v4 hlp

Zilog-80 opcodes

Z80 opcodes example Screen Made by Steves Software as an example database for the SC_Filer, converted from screens to a PDF document.

ZX Spectrum Legacy

They say, the author of the Comet cooperated with the maker of Tornado. These programs are wonderful pieces of software, but the most speccyal assembler is the Prometheus - see the kind of writing commands, by pressing one key. Many people adorate Memory Resident System (MRS), many hate it. Any other assembler with linenumbers in source is obsolete.

The old good Pikasm looks professionaly, handles conditions (IF-THEN-ELSE) and uses C-like syntax and options.

Complete Machine Code Tutor: tap (CZ tzx) /man
Supercode3: v3.5 tap /man /part 1 tap /part 2 tap
Tornado Assembler: v1.1 tap
Prometheus: tap +monitor tap manual pdf odt (CZ pdf odt)
Pikasm: /info /man (CZ) v1.1 tap v1.1+ tap v1.1+mon tap
Pikomon tap
VAST+ tap
Memory Resident System: mrs09 archiv zip /man mrs02 tap mrs64 tap
Utility 3: tap bin /info v1.3 sources asm
Beyond Basic tap tzx
Z80 Programming tap (DE)
ROM Rutines tap (DE)
100 Rutinas tap (ES)
Assembler & ZX Spectrum (Czech): part 1 zip part 2 zip pdf

Comet Assembler web

v1.8 for BDOS mgt
v1.8 mgt /src-file
v1.4+VAST for MDOS mgt
manual v1.5 txt
v1.3 pdf, scan: pdf pdf /jpg(CZ)
reference card pdf

Source<>ASCII Convertor mgt /info /src-file
Decompiler mgt /info(SK)
Source Creator mgt /info

Turbo MON web

v1.0 mgt, manual: pdf
reference card pdf


v1.2 mgt, manual: pdf


GI_Mon v3.0 mgt /man
EMon v2.10 mgt /man
Z80 Monitor mgt
SAMVAST mgt /man
DEVAST (v. ++/--/40/61) mgt /man (SK), src-file: ++ 40

SC_Assembler v1.2 mgt v1.1 mgt, manual: pdf
Lerm Assembler mgt
Laser Genius Asm mgt
MRS Asm/Dbg mgt
MC Tutor (CZ) mgt

SAMVAST Monitor Screen

DEVAST Monitor Screen